Call Ducks

We have been raising Call ducks for about 6 years now.  We raise Gray, Blue Dusky, Dusky, Buff, Pastel Dusky, Dark Khaki, Light Khaki and Black.

We have great quality Gray Call Ducks that are Cindy Rusk, Matt Kuecker and Dennis Fuller lines.   We have Blue Dusky Calls, that are Dustin Wilson and Cindy Rusk line.  We have been working on blacks for a couple of years then in 2018 bought out Dennis Fullers blacks.

Our Gray Calls are great quality and should have several available for sale each year.  We are focusing on improving the quality of our blacks.   We will be crossing our blacks with some nice Dusky Call Ducks and some of our Gray Call Ducks for 2018 hatches.    We are very excited to have acquired 3 Blue Dusky drakes in 2016. We initially purchased these to enhance the quality of our Khakis.  In 2017 we hatched several very nice qualify Duskies and Blue Duskies that were used for the 2017-2018 breeding year.

The quality of our Blue Duskies have really come through when crossed with our Khakis.  In 2018 all of our Khakis had the Blue Dusky gene bred into them.  This significantly increase the quality of our Khakis.  The birds in the photos are some of our breeders .   Each came from a Khaki hen and a Blue Dusky drake..

In 2018 we hatched our first light Khaki.  The drakes are the same as the khaki only several shades lighter.  In 2018 we also developed out Buff and Pastel Dusky.   All of these birds go back to the original Blue Dusky breeding from Dustin WIlson and Cindy Rusk..

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Black Call Duck

Buff Call Duck

Pastel Dusky Call Duck

Pastel Dusky Call Drake

Pastel Dusky Call Hen

 Buff Call Drake

 Buff Call Hen

 Black Call Drake

 Black Call Hen

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