Triple Ks Boogies Elegant Buckeroo

AMHA/AMHR 32" Bay Broodmare - Foaled 4/15/2005

Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo  X  Little Kings Splendors Jubilee

Ele is a gorgeous bay buckaroo mare.  Her sire is a direct son of Boones Little Buckeroo.   She has a phenomenal topline and a great tail set.  Her head is very elegant and is where she gets her name from.

Ele’s offspring are of impeccable quality.  Very refined, great top lines and petite.  We own two of her fillies and plan on keeping any of her future fillies for our breeding program.

Ele's Sire: Little Kings Boogie Buckeroo

Ele's Dam: Triple Ks Splendors Jubilee

LITTLE KINGS BOOGIE BUCKEROO, 29" buckskin Buckeroo son and out of a King Supreme daughter. Boogie has sired several AMHA world champions and has that tiny beautiful head and gorgeous body. 

Jubilee ‘s registered name is Triple Ks Splendors Jubilee with AMHA and Olive Branchs Splendors Jubilee with AMHR.  Jubilee is a 2001 AMHA/AMHR 32" buckskin mare.  She has a great temperment, loves people and is trained to drive.  

Utopias Toy Buckeroo

AMHA/AMHR 30" Bay Broodmare - Foaled 4/27/2009

Fredy  X  Triple Ks Boogies Elegant Buckeroo

Toy's Sire: Fredy

Toy's Dam: Triple Ks Elegant Buckeroo

FREDY is a very typy 30" Bay stallion located in Minnesota.  Toy has his comformation that is for sure.  Fredy is a direct son of Wittmacks Mickey Mouse.  

TRIPLE KS ELEGANT BUCKEROO is an amazing 32" Bay mare.  She produces beautiful foals year after year.  Her foals tend  to be very refined with beautiful elegant heads.  She has a great top-line, tail-set and a great arched neck.  

Toy is a beautiful little 30" broodmare.  We have her 1/2 sister and her dam as well.  She has the kindest disposition out of all of our horses.  Her foals are always very sweet and mellow.

Toy's foals are always very tiny, usually born around 15" tall and mature well under 30". Her foals always have dishy heads with great top-lines.  Toy is a perfect example of what we strive for in our breeding program.

Larsons Jandt Right Trinity

AMHA/AMHR 33" Buckskin Broodmare - Foaled 6/20/2013

Jandts Right Ruler X  Ramakers Picazzos Camille

Jokers First Fortune

AMHA/AMHR 28" Bay Broodmare - Foaled 4/15/2014

Triple Ks Jokers IMA Star  x  Goebels Supers Dream Miss Fortune

Toy's Sire: Jandts Right Ruler

Trinity's Dam: Ramakers Picazzos Camille

Chicken's Sire: Zephyr Woods Sailor Too

Chickens Dam: Little Kings Dinah Dream

Zephyr Woods Angry Chicken

AMHA/AMHR 31" Blood Bay Broodmare - Foaled 3/2010

Zephyr Woods Sailor Too (BTU Son)  X  Little Kings Dinah Dream

Larsons Right Ruler's Last Hope

AMHA/AMHR - Bay Filly - Foaled 5-4-2017

Jandt Right Ruler  X  Triple Ks Boogies Elegant Buckeroo

Hope's Sire: Jandts Right Ruler

Hope's Dam: Triple Ks Boogies Elegant Buckeroo

Cadle Creek Ultimate Majestic Dream

AMHA/AMHR -Buckskin Mare - Foaled 5-07-2009

Jones Majestic Ultimate Victory X Lucky Four Orion Dream

Larsons Double Destiny Blue Rein 

AMHA/AMHR -Buckskin Mare - Foaled 5-07-2016

Arions Playboy Destiny X Flying W Farms Belle of the Valley

Larsons Mr Perfects Little Kia 

AMHA/AMHR -Buckskin Mare - Foaled 6-16-2017

Triple K's Mr Perfect  X Utopias Toy Buckeroo

Larsons Fortunate Miss Lilly 

AMHA/AMHR -Bay Mare - Foaled 6-3-19

Ten L's Spirits Rowdy Cowboy X Jokers First Fortune

Larsons Perfect Zephyr Haven 

AMHA/AMHR -Bay Mare - Foaled 5-219

Triple K's Jokers Mr Perfect X Zephyr Woods Angry Chicken